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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you running for the CCSD Board of Trustees?

I'm running because I'm passionate about doing my part to support public education in our community, and I have professional experience in the public and private sectors to fulfill the role.

CCSD has a billion-dollar budget and ~50,000 students to educate. Our community deserves board members who have engaged in the classroom AND managed multi-million dollar budgets - so they know HOW to identify and prioritize the best interests of our kids.

Both of my children attend CCSD Schools; I have managed complex budgets and projects for organizations such as The Discovery Channel, The Department of Defense, and local businesses. In the schools, I have volunteered in the classroom, substitute taught elementary and middle school, and have served on the Board of a Blue Ribbon School, most recently as chair.

How can we support teachers?

Supporting our teachers really boils down to one word - RESPECT. We need to respect our teachers and treat them as professionals by:

  • Providing teachers with competitive compensation that aligns with the cost of living.

  • Listening to and valuing our teachers' experiences and concerns.

  • Addressing teachers' concerns by providing them with the support and resources they need to do their job. 

What curriculum should be used?

Teachers should be encouraged to find innovative strategies, but it is important that we are not constantly changing the curriculum.

All curricula should be age-appropriate.

If elected, what will be your focus?

If elected, my primary goal is to bring a renewed focus to what matters most - supporting policies and resource allocation that ensures all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become successful adults and members of our community.

I'm committed to helping develop a robust and transformative system focused on high-quality, life-relevant, public education that reaches every child. 

How will you build trust in the community?

At its core, the Board of Trustees must embody professionalism, problem-solving, and teamwork. It should provide greater transparency in decision-making to each other and to the community.

To build trust, we need board members who are committed to listening to and considering all perspectives, engaging qualified experts, and using data to make decisions. Board members need to communicate their rationale to provide greater transparency in how they vote. 

 If elected, I will bring these qualities to my role to ensure we focus on what matters most - educating students to reach their full potential. 

Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

None of the above. Seriously, I'm a lifelong Independent. I vote for the candidate with the most integrity and experience. I seek out those who are willing to work across the aisle to represent their constituents instead of their personal agendas.

How do we close the achievement gap?

I believe that resources tailored to a school’s specific needs and wrap-around services will help improve student performance. Given the strong correlation between race, poverty, and academic achievement:

  • Schools should engage with students and their families to better understand challenges. All communication should be positive/without judgment. 

  • We need to employ wrap-around services and community partnerships to address identified needs and build an additional support network for these students and their families. 

  • The school and community should ensure that students and their families understand the programs and resources available to them. 

  • Implementing Universal Pre-K would give all students a solid educational foundation.

How do you plan to work with people you disagree with?

Let's be honest - you can't always agree with everyone or make everyone happy. But we still need to work together to create the change needed. To make this happen, Board Members need to be able to find common ground. 

To find common ground, I plan to listen to and reflect on all perspectives, especially those that differ from my own, because respectful, productive discussions are essential to establishing goals and accountability. I'll address questions or concerns directly with a person or organization and not via social media rants or gossip circles.

Have another question?

Please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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