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Hi, I'm Jen


Education has always been a huge part of my life. My mother was a math teacher and administrator, and my father was a public servant. They never let my sisters and I forget the value of an education and made sure it was a top priority in our lives. I was fortunate to have access to a strong public school education from kindergarten all the way through college. My goal is to create a world where every child has that same privilege.


My first job was at Discovery Channel, where curiosity, continuous learning, and deadlines were integrated into everything we did. When I shifted gears and went into government contracting, my focus continued to be managing budgets and schedules, but this time to help those in service to our country. Now, I serve as a consultant for local and national organizations, continuing to use my expertise in financial and project management and communication to help organizations set priorities, as well as to perform effectively and efficiently to reach their goals.

The role that has changed my life the most was when I became a mother. Seeing the world through my kids’ eyes pushed me to run for the board at Orange Grove Charter School, where I served for three years, this last year as chair. I have spent time volunteering in classrooms and even served as a substitute teacher when the need arose. 

The world and our community are changing quickly, and we need innovative strategies to ensure every child has equitable opportunity and access to a world-class, life-relevant public education. Educators and mental and behavioral health experts need better resources to meet the needs of the whole child. CCSD is a billion-dollar, taxpayer-funded enterprise, and it needs people who will ask the tough questions, who understand the intersection of programs and finances, who are well-versed in change management, and who understand the urgency of the situation. As our children thrive, so will our community. 


I believe my professional experience and personal commitment to public education provide me with a unique perspective and skill set that will enable me to drive real and impactful change by serving on the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees for District 7.

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